Podcasts, and especially yoga podcasts are now poppin up on a daily basis new on Spotify. Some of them are more specific for yoga teachers and buisness and others focus on the asspects and benefits of yoga or how you will be able to find your own form of yoga.

They are really helpful and you will get tons of free tips and marketing strategies for your business. In the same time, some of them are really funny. What I like most honestly is that this is coming form real people who have worked a long time in the yoga industry and are experts and long term teachers. Check them out and enjoy ….
Here is my favorite list of 10 different podcasts in 2 languages English/ German:

Business and marketing for yoga teachers

Building an online community 

The mortal yogi podcast

Under the skin with Russel Brand

Living yoga of the mat

Blissfull bizz with Susanne Rieker

Yogaland podcast

Ashtanga dispatch podcast

The abundant yogi podcast

What is Yin & Yang

If you know other interesting podcast please share it here in the comments below

Love & hugs 


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