Hi, My Name is Sula and i am the founder of Samuderayogabali.
The word “Samudera” means “ocean” in indonesian language. I arrived in Bali for the first time in 2008 and i fell immediatly in love with this magical island. I also discoverd the love for Balis underwater world during this time and this formed my decision to become a diving instructor. Living in Bali now since 2014 and beeing here in Bali means i can live and work with the perfect combination of both.
Because of this beautiful surrounding and location it is much easier for me to focus on a healthy life in harmony with nature. I am very interested in the Ayurvedic / vedic lifestyle and continuous working to include those principles in my daily routine. I hope I can share some of my recipes and cooking experiences with you. My personal daily work gives me the opportunity to continue in learning new things.
Since a little while I am also learning free diving and techniques for breath exercises & breathwork.
Pranayama, Prana – our live force – is also a part of the daily routine together with meditation.
I practice Ashtanga and Yin Yoga.
Soundhealing sessions and Yin Yoga are my main teaching.
On request i am happy to help you also with lifestyle coaching. Combining ayurvedic food suggestions and chakra healing,  yoga and sessions with a Balinese healer.
Yoga Nidra
Videos , recepis, blogs, tips,
Love and hugs
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