Why less is sometimes more…


Maybe you had the same experience like I felt when you went to a big yoga class, workshop or event.

In the beginning it is this “wow so much other yogis around you” –  feeling. The atmosphere is high vibe on. But after a while you are feeling lost, nobody talks to you, looks at you, gives you a hand on where you can put your mat and also the teacher seems far away…..

Then the magic moment happens and the class begins. You are in the corner and try to focus on the others in front of you, because the teachers voice is not loud enough and so on. After half of the time has passed, you recognize that you never got in contact with the teacher or got attention from him. After 60 minutes it’s done, a short bye bye to everyone and the crowd disappears…

So the question is: is this a good class? Is it the quality time that you wanted? I guess we have the same answer…
Honestly, I was never a fan of big yoga classes for myself, and that’s why I decided to teach mostly with max 4-6 students. But I love to give 1:1 sessions. Because I give my full attention and power to the student, to YOU. And if we continue the practice together, it becomes this wonderful connection and friendship.

So let’s connect and practice together
Send me your email and book one hour with me.
Love & Hugs


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